Conference a part of 11th Hamburg Climate Week – Experts looking for ways to achieve climate-neutral shipping – SEADEVCON Maritime Award for Arved Fuchs

The SEADEVCON ‘19 ( will take place on the 26th and 27th of September, integrated into the 11th Hamburg Climate Week. The annual event, which is taking place for the second time, will focus on the contribution of CO2 emissions from commercial shipping and maritime tourism to climate change. The Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) is opening its doors on Adolphsplatz for the event, thereby providing a prominent venue in the heart of Hamburg.

SEADEVCON ‘19 will on both days bring together experts from the maritime business, representatives from shipping companies, researchers and academics, developers of relevant hard- and software technologies, NGOs, and environmental activists to present attempts at technical solutions, to discuss the future of the industry, and to look at the ports of tomorrow. The overarching objective is climate neutral shipping.

SEADEVCON organiser Carsten Bullemer points out: “Having last year made a contribution towards raising the awareness of the problem within the industry we now aim to reach a broader audience with our concern. In this context, including the conference in the Hamburg Climate Week is an important next step on our path to ‘Green Shipping’.”

Immediately after returning from his “Ocean Change” expedition in the North Polar Sea, the author and expedition leader Arved Fuchs will report from first-hand experience on the catastrophic consequences mankind’s treatment of the sensitive oceanic ecosystems has for today’s global climate. On this occasion, Fuchs is to receive the newly created SEADEVCON Maritime Award which will honour annually a personality whose “lifetime achievement is exemplary for the fight for a sustainable and respectful use of the world’s seas”.

Bullemer states: “Arved Fuchs is a witness beyond all doubt whose universally recognised expertise will lend crucial weight to our message. We are proud that he has agreed to join us, straight from his ship as it were, and to present the findings from his expedition.”

On the fringes of the discussions in the plenary of SEADEVCON ‘19 on 27 September, promising innovations will be presented in the context of a “Project Expo”. And during a maritime “Startup Night” on the eve of the conference, held on board MS Stubnitz at Kirchenpaukai, there will be an opportunity to investigate sustainable business models, followed by a joint invitation from the hosts and the Hamburg Climate Week for a networking get-together.