The ticket sale for SEADEVCON 2018 has started. We are a non-commercial event, but because we have to cover some of our costs we need to charge for our venue.

Because we don’t want, that people who should attend, can’t come because of to high ticket pricing, we tried to find a pricing scheme that everyone can afford.Employes from bigger corporates should pay more, than people from startups or NGOs.

If you are still can´t pay the price but you think you have something good to contribute – please contact us – we will find a way.

Tickets for Delegates

students NGO, Universities & Startups* Corporates
SEADEVCON (Day 1) 50 € 200 € 250 €
AIS Summit (Day 2) 50 € 200 € 400 €
SEADEVCON + AIS Summit (Day 1+2) 125 € 300 € 600 €

*Startups are companies that have less than 10 employees or are younger than 3 years.

Hackathon pricing

Individual Corporate Team**
Hackathon 25 € 250 €

Participants for the hackathon get a T-Shirt, Food & Drinks all night and also a resting place, if they want.

Get your ticket here: